Photography: Nuno Guerreiro de Sousa | Model: Filipa Cavaco                    Production: Less buy.less                      Location: Pixelmatters  | Shoes: Lemon Jelly


Contemplative of the psychological and spiritual state of the individual in current times, this collection presents an over-size silhouette that contrasts with slim-fit. Highlighting details that “squeeze” and “pressure”, and then change its state, changing colour with temperature,and through shades of colour simulates the symptoms experienced in cases of stress, depression and anxiety.

Inspired by the works of Sean Mundy, who constructs neutral scenes of palpable tension and uncertainty, it underlines feelings of doubt and questions of identity.

A palette of white, grey and black is used with the objective of “disguising” and “isolating” the human being, and by allowing shades of blue to emerge, its representation introduces not only monotony and depression but an escape that sends us on an infinite journey to a destination of tranquillity.

Prices(€): 80-500